Monday, April 2, 2012

25 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Sometimes it can be hard to find things to do that are inexpensive...especially when you live together.
 Here are some things my boyfriend Brian & I like to do:

1. Feed the ducks: Go to a nearby park or lake and take your old bread/crackers...they ducks will love you forever.

2. Play Video Games: My boyfriend & I LOVE playing video games together.

3. Cook together: Prepare a special breakfast or dinner together.

4. Movie Marathon: Have a movie marathon of your favorite movies that you both haven't seen, that way you can introduce your partner into things that you like.

5. TV Show Trial: Same as movies...Pick a TV show you love or have been wanting to see, and watch it with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

6. Exercise: Start working out together...go to the gym, walk on the beach, find new places to go on hikes.

7. Go Geo Caching together: Geo Caching is an outdoor sporting activity used with a GPS/mobile device to hide and seek containers called "caches" or "geochaches", anywere in the world.

8. Play Cards/Board Games: We love Clue, Battleship, Sorry...and especially Quelf, Apples to Apples , Catch Phrase, & Scategories when we have friends over.

9. Go on a picnic: Find a pretty spot on a sunny day, and pack up a delicious meals and some snacks. Don't forget the drinks, napkins, and blanket to sit on. A camera could be nice too :)

10. Play music together: If you are both musically inclined then have a little jam sesh together...or teach your partner how to play an instrument.

11. Have a beach day: if you live close to the beach like we do, it's aways nice to spaend a day laying out, playing in the ocean, or having lunch and walking around the boardwalk.

12. Play Pool: If you are both over the age of 21, go to a local bar and play some pool...most places only cost about 50 cents to a dollar to play, but some are free!

13. Museum/Art Gallery: Go check out some museums or art galleries. most only charge a few dollars to get in.

14. Massage: Give eachother a nice 20-30 minute massage then switch.

15. Sports: Go to a local park or school and play some one on one basketball or tennis.

16. Fun in the sun: Go for a swim together.

17. Camping: If you already have a gear, camping can be a cheap and fun activity for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. Walmart sells pop-up tents and sleeping bags pretty cheap too!

18. Podcasts: Download and listen to some free podcasts. My favorite is Doug Loves Movies, by Doug Benson.

19. Learn how to Juggle: I am currently trying to learn, because my boyfriend knows how & I don't. It's fun having him teach me. :)

20. Wash the car: Washing the car together can be very fun! Especially on a hot summer day!

21. Youtube: Watch funny/cute videos on or

22. Yoga: Yoga can be fun and relaxing...try it out with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

23. Library: If you both like to read, go to your local library and check out a book.

24. Rearrange: Help your boyfriend or girlfriend rearrange the home <3

25. Yard Sale/Garage Sale: Collect and organize all the old stuff you have laying around and don't want/need anymore, and have a yard/garage sale!


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